The cannabis industry is booming. The popularity of marijuana has led to a new wave of businesses in the space, including craft cannabis producers that are popping up all over North America. While there are several definitions for what constitutes “craft marijuana,” the most popular feature is that it’s made by smaller companies that focus on quality and sustainability rather than quantity. One example of this could be seen with Royal Queen Seeds’ own “Craft Cannabis” line, which features hand-selected strains from local growers across the globe!

What’s the difference between craft cannabis and large-scale, mainstream producers?

Mass production involves growing as much product as you can to sell it for less. This means that more minor details are often ignored to ensure a profit is had. Craft cannabis producers focus on producing a higher quality product, which is usually more expensive. This way, not only are consumers benefitting from a better end-product, but it also encourages the market to grow to keep up with demand!

What’s so great about craft cannabis?

Aside from being made by companies who take pride in their products, you’ll find that the quality of craft cannabis is unparalleled. There is a multitude of benefits that come from opting for this kind of product. First and foremost, it’s going to be more flavourful! Whether it’s a THC extract or an infused edible treat, you’re going to get a far superior end-product with a better aroma and taste by opting for products made by craft cannabis producers. Not only that, but you’ll also find that these types of products are often made with more natural ingredients, so they’re healthier for your body!

When is the right time to switch from mass-produced cannabis to craft?

You should consider purchasing this type of product if you’re looking for something high-quality that will provide an enjoyable experience. You’ll find that craft cannabis has superior effects, often more potent and effective than their mass-produced brethren! If you’re really on the hunt for a premium product, you should consider switching over to craft cannabis as soon as possible!

Why should you try Royal Queen Seeds’ Craft Cannabis line?

Royal Queen Seeds doesn’t just offer craft cannabis sourced from local growers around the world. Instead, they’ve expanded their product line to include their very own “Craft Cannabis” strains! This means that you can enjoy premium-quality products at unbeatable prices! All Royal Queen’s Craft Cannabis strains are hand-selected from some of the best growers worldwide, so you know what to expect from these products. Not only that, but they’ll arrive at your doorstep in a discreet package that ensures that nobody will ever know what’s inside!

What’s the downside?

The main drawback to opting for craft cannabis is the cost. Since it’s produced by smaller companies who focus on quality over quantity, the prices associated with these products are generally much higher than big-name sellers. This can dissuade some people from trying them. Still, we think it’s worth the price for a better outcome! The other downside is that it can be difficult to find craft cannabis producers outside North America, but the industry is overgrowing. With time, this problem will be solved!

At Royal Queen Seeds, we believe that our Craft Cannabis line is the future of marijuana. We work with growers worldwide, selecting only flowers grown by passionate artisans who focus on quality and sustainability instead of quantity. Whether it’s a THC extract or infused edible treat, you can ensure that our craft cannabis is made with premium ingredients and maximum attention to detail!


To answer the question “what is craft cannabis?” it’s an alternative to mainstream producers who focus on producing a higher-quality product at a more expensive price point. While some drawbacks are associated with choosing craft cannabis over mainstream options, they’re usually worth it for the superior result!

If you’re looking for premium, high-quality end products that are made with care and attention to detail, then look no further than Royal Queen Seeds’ Craft Cannabis line!

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