Cannabis has been found to be an applicable solution to controlling sunburn. Sunburn condition affects everyone irrespective of their skin age or tone. Thus, natural remedies are a blessing to eliminating sunburns. The condition’s symptoms can either be mild redness or full-blown blistering and nausea. Sunburn occurs as a result of the reaction of the skin to ultraviolet or UV rays from the sun. However, the condition is not similar to burns from hot substances. Moreover, both UVB and UVA rays can lead to serious skin damages and trigger inflammatory responses from an individual’s body. 

UVA rays are characterized by increased wavelength and also penetrate an individual’s skin more deeply. On the other hand, UVB rays are characterized by reduced wavelength and superficially penetrate an individual’s skin. These rays cause burns, while UVA rays significantly contribute to an individual’s cancer risk and skin aging. 

Fortunately, an individual’s skin can easily deal with sunburn cases which are mild and correct mutations besides repairing any damaged cells. Nonetheless, increased exposure causes intense damage, which an individual’s body can hardly manage and, in the end, kills skin cells. Burns are usually classified into first degree, second degree, and third degree. However, sunburn alone cannot result in third-degree burns. 

Moreover, when an individual’s immune system is trying to repair damages caused by UV, it triggers various warning signs. The initial sign is redness which normally appears between the 12th and 24th hours after an individual is exposed to a burn. Notably, an individual can stay in the sun for many hours and fail to experience any form of burn. However, they may start experiencing it immediately they go back to their home. Other symptoms of sunburn can include chills, fever, vomiting, nausea, pain, and peeling skin. Significantly, if individuals find themselves fainting, having reduced blood pressure, and becoming weak, they should visit a hospital.

Moreover, cannabinoids such as CBD can, to some extent, provide soothing to skin exposed to sunburn. The endocannabinoid systems, to some extent, modulate the delicate ecosystem of an individual’s skin. This system is a regulatory network in an individual’s body that responds vastly to cannabinoids. Therefore, an individual’s skin comprising cannabinoid receptors could offer CBD an exceptional action mechanism that cannot be matched by other compounds. For instance, various researchers are investigating CBD and its relation to the immune response of an individual’s skin.

Moreover, they are also attempting to demonstrate antibacterial qualities, which are essential factors when considering that individuals’ skins are the initial defense lines against any foreign body. CBD lotion could potentially broadly influence sunburn. CBD brings numerous benefits because of its increased use in lotions and as a main ingredient in various skin formulas. It has been attributed to soothing irritated skin, lacking toxicity which implies that it cannot get an individual high and reducing the skin-aging appearance. Additionally, CBD has been ascribed to encouraging balanced immune responses besides synergizing effectively with other ingredients for skincare products. 

Furthermore, CBD also has great internal impacts. The cannabinoids impact how people think and even how they feel. Thus, through this, it becomes a versatile aider of sunburn treatment. Notably, sunburns are not only physical; however, with the severe symptoms, they can lead to conditions that are often mood-related. Topical CBD lotions and creams are the best for any effects which are localized. Most of these CBDs are directly applied to sunburn and usually take shorter times to work effectively. Individuals who have never applied them before should start by applying a reduced amount to their skins’ unaffected areas to watch their reactions.

After controlling sunburn’s physical symptoms, an individual may wish to try CBD’s psychological impacts. In this case, individuals should try CBD capsules, oil, tinctures, or even CBD vape. These methods of CBD intake ensure that CBD enters an individual’s bloodstream. Additionally, CBD vaping acts instantly; thus, people can use it when they want quick results. The lack of any form of toxicity in CBDs implies that individuals can experiment with different approaches to establish what works best for them.

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