For athletes at a higher level, you want to always work towards bigger, better things. Some may want to look for substances that enhance performance, and also offers eternal benefits. 

There are supplements that can be used, but they must conform to laws, are safe, and natural too preferably. 

One of them is CBD or cannabidiol. This is really good for people and is recently gaining traction to help with recovery from injuries and soreness, better sleep, and also lessened muscle pain. 

Although many people think it’s the same as THC, it’s not. This doesn’t contain THC and is anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and offers analgesic properties that are game-changing, and legal too. 

But is it legit? With more and more places targeting younger athletes with this, you may wonder, and here’s what we have to say about CBD, and the use of this. 

What does the Science Say 

Well, according to recent studies, this may help some athletes in various ways. 

Let’s first look at lowering pain and inflammation. In a review published in sports medicine it analyzed the studies of CBD in different trials that are clinical, in non-athlete demographics. This showed that it can offer different benefits that are potentially beneficial to those that use it. 

One of the main findings is that it can help with inflammation and pain from the damage of the tissues, along with neuropathic pain that’s caused by damage or irritation of the nerves. This could mean a big advantage for a lot of people who do repetitive and long-distance type of running, since this can irritate and inflame the nerves there. 

It can also help with gastrointestinal problems and damage. Those athletes who deal with strenuous activities constantly may have less oxygen along with nutrient delivery to your GI tract. This can negatively impact the recovery and performance since it does cause vomiting, nausea, and it reduces your nutritional intake. CBD however can reduce your tissue damage, and also offer permeability to your intestine. 

Then there is bone health. Bone health is really important, and CBD helps with bone deposition and help with fracture healing, since this is great for athletes, since this is a big part of different traumatic injuries, and not having enough energy at hand. 

For athletes that deal with sports performance anxiety, you’re not alone. And in fact, CBD can help to manage that. 

Anxiety before doing an event is all too common, and for those who deal with this a lot, taking CBD beforehand can be helpful for those who deal with anxiety in situations that stress them out. It can be even more effective when working with psychological intervention as well. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and CBD do work well together. 

And finally, it offers protection against brain injury. This is something that is due to the neuroprotection that’s offered in this. 

For those who deal with sports concussions, this can definitely benefit, since this can be mild traumatic brain damage, and it can lead to neuronal damage in that area down the line. 

CBD oil can help with this, and also treats the results of this such as well the pain, depression, and aggression that comes with this, and it also helps reduce the damage to your prefrontal lobes too, offering less oxidative stress along with other neuroprotective benefits. 

So yes, if you’re n athlete that wants to protect themselves from major damage or wants to take the edge off before a big event, this is safe to use. It’s natural, good for you, and offers great means for when many issues. 

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