If a craving for shakes and brownies have suddenly gotten you, that’s due to hormones and their power. 

Our body uses hormones to help with sleep, mood, and even bodily temperature. 

Cannabis can affect your mood, but how can it help. 

How the endocannabinoid and the Endocrine system Work 

Hormones are those messengers that are secreted by your endocrine system, and that’s basically organs and glands which secret hormones. The pituitary, pancreas, hypothalamus, and thyroid are just some of them. 

You have various hormones that we release to help control stuff. 

The system of endocannabinoids can help regulate a bunch of things from sleep patterns to your mood to even the appetite and metabolism, and your fertility as well.  This can help with a lot of functions, offering better homeostasis, which is the balance of everything. 

Cannabis does interact with this, which is a modulating means to help keep balance and the homeostasis within the body. 

It is good because it can help to control the neurotransmitters in a lot of cases, and help improve various parts of ourselves, from the appetite that we have, to even our moods and also sexual function as well. 

Cannabis and Metabolism 

In a study published in nature back in 2020, the researchers found that the ghrelin is much higher after having cannabis in an oral means. 

Ghrelin is basically the one that pushes for your appetite, and also improves your food intake. 

There is a collaborative effort between ghrelin and the endocannabinoid system. This will drive you to eat, and may also stimulate hunger, and it also does affect the parts of the brain which are associated with this. 

Cannabis and Leptin 

Leptin also is affected by cannabis. 

Leptin is basically secreted by your fat cells in order to tell the hypothalamus to regulate your food intake and the expenditure of your energy, helping you maintain the body weight that you have normally. 

Some research depicts that smokers of cannabis have much lower levels of leptin, which means lower body fat, and lower obesity. 

The more body fat that’s there, the more leptin that’s there, and it will increase your appetite and decrease your metabolism. Those who use cannabis tend to have smaller waists and lower BMI as well. 

Cannabis also has insulin as well. 

This can help with proper regulation especially for those who suffer from diabetes, or struggle with controlling blood sugar. 

In a study that gave people a placebo brownie, there was a spike due to the sugar rush and the freefall that comes with it. 

When you get a brownie tat’s infused with THC, that actually blunts the insulin spike that’s there, and even if you smoked it or used other ways to consume it, this continued to do the same. 

CBD also does the same thing, and while there aren’t a ton of different ways to prove this, it may be a big part of inflammatory or relieving stress, improving your metabolism and sensitivity. 

Cannabis and Sex 

It does affect the sex hormone in some cases, and by consuming this, it does improve the sperm count, can help with your libido, and also erectile dysfunction in men. 

It also stimulates oxytocin, which is your love hormone.  After all, it can help with making you feel satisfaction, and better bonding. 

So can cannabis affect your hormones and how you feel? Of course. There are a lot of ways to help you improve this, and it can be good to consume this, especially if you would like natural bodily regulation as well for you. 

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