There are many reasons why cannabis should be legal worldwide. Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for over 3,000 years and is now being researched as a potential cure for cancer. It’s also very popular recreationally because of the psychoactive properties it contains.

Decriminalization and Legalization: The Difference

Legalizing cannabis would mean that it can be bought, sold, and consumed in the open legally while decriminalizing means you are still not allowed to buy or sell cannabis. Still, if you’re caught with it for personal use, then you will get a small fine rather than being arrested. Reasons Behind Cannabis Being Illegal The consequences of a drug conviction: If you get caught with cannabis on your record, it can have many negative consequences, for example, being unable to find employment or even going to jail which has been shown statistically to increase crime rates, not help them. The effects of prohibition: The consequences of cannabis being illegal are not because it’s a bad drug but rather to do with the fact that many people who have been in power throughout history have had financial ties or other motives for keeping it illegal.

10 Concrete Reasons Why Cannabis Should Be Legalized Worldwide

1) Anti-depressant Cannabis is a known anti-depressant and has been proved to help people suffering from anxiety or depression. A chemical imbalance often causes anxiety and depression in the brain, and marijuana has been shown to correct this. 2) Recreational Users Enjoy Its Psychoactive Properties What makes cannabis different from other drugs is that the psychoactive properties only last for 45 minutes after smoking or ingesting, which means you cannot overdose or die from it. 3) Low Addiction Rate Cannabis does not have addiction rates like other drugs do. People can use it and not become addicted to the drug over time. 4) Fights Insomnia Many people find it hard to sleep at night because of stress or anxiety, attributed to many things. Cannabis helps these people get a better night’s rest and will help them function better during the day without feeling tired. 5) Environmental Friendly Cannabis plants can grow in a large variety of climates and be relatively low maintenance when it comes down to growing the plant. This means that less water is needed for cannabis than it would take to grow crops such as cotton, which makes legalizing cannabis environmentally friendly.
6) Potential Cancer Cure Cannabis has been shown to have positive effects on people who are suffering from cancer. Researchers have found that cannabis destroys brain tumors and other types of cancers by cutting off the blood supply, which helps prevent the spread of cancer cells.Also, Runtz Strain is great for stress and anxiety and stress-related problems. It’s a great hybrid marijuana strain. 7) Safer Than Tobacco And Alcohol Cannabis is not as dangerous for your health compared to cigarettes or alcohol. Cannabis has been shown in studies to do less damage to the body than either of these substances because it does not contain nicotine, making it a safer alternative that can also help people stop smoking tobacco completely. 8) Governments Should Disfranchise In What Adults Put Into Their Bodies People should be allowed to put what they want into their bodies as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. This is why cannabis should be legalized, and governments should focus on more important issues such as building better hospitals or schools. 9) Most Human Beings Are In Favor Of Legalization Most people believe cannabis should be legalized and treated as any other plant-based drug such as opium or cocaine. 10) Legalization Would Bring To An End The Smirch And Preconception Surrounding Cannabis Cannabis should not be looked at in a negative light because it is an excellent alternative to alcohol or cigarettes, which are already legal.
In conclusion, there are many reasons to legalize cannabis, and there are very few people who do not understand why it should be legalized worldwide. Feasibly soon, cannabis will be legalized worldwide.